Solace Systems

Enterprise sales hires across multiple EMEA territories for pre-IPO middleware vendor

Solace Systems manufactures messaging appliances that can replace all traditional types of software-based message oriented middleware (MOM).

A single Solace appliance is capable of consolidating the workload of up to 50 messaging servers thereby reducing the complexity and cost of providing enterprise-class integration facilities. Our largest customer has now replaced over 2000 servers globally with Solace appliances and have reported cumulative savings of over $30M.

Dave Clare, Senior Vice President EMEA, Solace Systems

Talla have been a great partner to work with. Solace Systems has very demanding and exacting standards for recruitment and Alex has been indefatigable in working with us in the UK and Switzerland to find the very best candidates.

In addition to sourcing high calibre individuals, Alex takes a very pragmatic approach to understanding the motivation and drivers of the candidates to ensure that both Solace and the potential employees are aligned, thereby ensuring the best outcome in the long term.