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It's easy to gauge the impact our business can have on yours. It's about results. It's about getting top performers into your business. The type of hires that will deliver business growth, open new accounts, win market share and delight both existing and prospect customers.

We're proud to have delivered for some of the most innovative, fastest growing and demanding technology vendors.

Our expertise is tailor-made for the fast paced and highly competitive software sales and presales market. Success factors include:

Market knowledge

We know our market. Since 2010 we've been focussed exclusively on the software market. Often the strongest candidates aren't hard to find, they're hard to hire. From initial approaches through to candidate qualification, our ability to best represent and differentiate your business with in demand candidates is a critical success factor.


Talla Consulting's engine room. Our research methodology has consistently delivered and is a key component in our service. With our thorough approach we ensure that we are taking your proposition directly to the best candidates in your target market.


Built up over 10 years of direct approaches, referrals and recommendations. Our track record is strongest in Middleware, Big Data, Analytics, DevOps and Monitoring, where we've delivered for the most demanding, fastest growing vendors in the market.

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A decade exclusively focussed hiring across sales, presales and business value consulting.
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